Coats 70X-AH-1 Tire Changer & Coats 1250 Balancer rebuilt with warranty








COATS 1250-2D 







Built to Make Changing Low Profiles, Run flats, and other Tough Tires Fast and Easy



All Machines Come With 1 Year Parts Warranty


 With Full Technical Support







What Makes Us Different Is Our Process



Our Machines Are More Than A Quick Paint Job



True Rebuilds Require The Following



  • Completely remanufactured by our qualified trained technicians.
  • Each machine is completely disassembled down to the frame.
  • Each Frame is stripped, primed and refinished with industrial grade primer and enamel.
  • Swing Arm to Column Bushings are replaced.
  • Robo Arm® Assembly Completely Rebuilt with NEW Seals - Actuator Valve - Hard Lines - Gauge Assembly.
  •  Transmission Disassembled
  • All components cleaned - NEW Seals - O rings - Bearings are replaced.
  • Gears are checked and replaced as needed to meet original factory specs.
  •  Transmission case refilled with NEW oil and checked for proper operation.
  •  All EH and EF Models come with NEW Turntable Drive Motor - Wiring Harness - Forward Reverse Switch.
  • All Air Motors are disassembled - Cleaned - NEW Vanes - Bearings - Seals replaced and refinished.
  • One-way Flow Valves Reassembled - Torque and PSI settings tested to original factory specs.
  • 4-way Valves replaced with NEW to provide function of the Table Rotation - Bead Breaker System - Table Clamp Movement.
  • Table disassembled - all moving parts readjusted and lubricated. We reset Carriers and Jaws.
  • Table - Bead Breaker - B/L Cylinder are cleaned and refinished. Plungers and Seals replaced.
  • Replace Cylinder Sleeve as needed. We reassemble and test to factory PSI settings.
  • Replaced with all NEW Hoses - Hard Lines – Bolts -  Bead Breaker Button - Actuator Valve - Machine Oil - Regulator - Tire Inflator Whip Hose - Bottle and Brush.
  • Gripmax Table clamps are to Factory Specs.
  • NEW Removable plastic covers for protecting Rims on each clamp.
  • Gauges tested and replaced with new as needed.
  • Pressure Limiter Assembly disassembled and all O Rings and Diaphragms Replaced.
  • Pedal Assembly disassembled, cleaned, checked for wear, adjusted and refinished.
  • After the Tire Changer has been reassembled it is tested thoroughly by changing tires multiple times to ensure proper functioning.
  • Complete PDF copies of the Operator and Spare Parts manuals come with each machine
  • The machine is then stretch wrapped and banded to a pallet with steel strapping for safe shipping worldwide.
  • All Machines Come with a 1 Year Parts Warranty with full Technical Support.




Rim Diameter 6" - 22" External; 8" - 24" Internal

13-28" External (with optional extender clamps - available for additional cost)
Rim Width 14" Maximum
Tire Diameter 50" Maximum
Drive System Air 
Air Source (Air) 150 to 175 PSI, 5 HP compressor, 14 to 15 SCFM @ 150 PSI
Storage 70X: On Chassis
Bead Loosening 70X: Handle Actuated
Chassis Footprint 49"W x 48"D x 76"H
Shipping Weight 700 lbs.








Coats 1250-2D

Wheel Balancer

A High Volume Solution

What Makes Us Different Is Our Process

 Our Machines Are More Than A Quick Paint Job

True Rebuilds Require The Following


·        Balancer is completely disassembled down to the Frame.

·        Frame is stripped, primed and repainted with original factory paint.

·        Direct Drive Motor is disassembled and cleaned thoroughly and then repainted and tested.

·        Encoder is checked for proper function and replaced with NEW as needed.

·        Cooling Fan is cleaned and tested.

·        PCB Board is taken off the Control Panel and cleaned and tested with factory diagnostic equipment to meet load ratings.

·        Control Panel is cleaned and tested with Factory Diagnostic Equipment specific to this panel.

·        Motor Control Boards tested with Diagnostic Equipment.

·        Limit Switches are tested and replaced with NEW as needed.

·        ALL  Plastic Trim – Hood – Tray – Shroud on Motor – Cone Holder – Screen Holder are cleaned and refinished.

·        Each Cone Set and Hub Nut that comes with the Balancer is sand blasted clean and checked for defects. Then tested to ensure they fit Balancer Shaft for accurate balancing.

·        Each hub is cleaned and relubricated.

·        After the Balancer is reassembled it is recalibrated and tested a minimum of 50 times with various size rims and tires to ensure the Motor Mount Piezos are reading true and  the overall performance of the Balancer is ready for daily operation.

·        All Factory Labels are replaced with Brand NEW Labels

·        Complete PDF copies of the Operator and Spare Parts Manuals come with each machine.

·        The Balancer is then stretch wrapped and banded to a pallet with steel strapping for safe shipping worldwide.


All balancers include a parts warranty

1 Year On Drive Motor and 90 Days On Remaining Major Components

With Full Technical Support


 Key Features

Automatic offset and diameter data entry for both clip and Tape-A-Weight™ increases productivity and provides accuracy for single-spin balances.

Direct Tape-A-Weight™ placement and laser-guided operation eliminates guesswork, resulting in single-spin Tape-A-Weight™ balances.

Easy behind-the-spoke weight placement helps maintain a “clean” look on custom wheels.

1.5 HP Direct Drive motor delivers best-in-class speed, accuracy and longevity. 

Control panel with easy-to-read position indicators and an integrated VFD screen delivers ease of use and promotes proper balancing techniques.

Direct-select any of eight balancing modes, including several alloy options, plus patch balance.

Simultaneous display of static and dynamic data identifies any excess residual static imbalance, and helps technicians eliminate this leading cause of comebacks.





Balancing Modes  
Tire Diameter   Up to 44"
Rim Width
Rim diameter
  2" to 20"
8" to 30"
Max. Tire Wt.   160 lbs.
Shaft Diameter   28mm or 40mm
Shaft Length   8-5/8"
Resolution: Oz.   0.01
Resolution: Degrees   1.4
Accuracy: Oz.   0.1
Power Requirement  

220v AC, 1P, 60Hz

220v AC, 3P, 60Hz

Accessory Storage   Optional Peg Kit (8111480)
Footprint   57"W x 50"D
Shipping Weight   625 lbs.



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