Fluid Management GyroFlex 1 Gallon gyroscopic paint mixer - rebuilt with warranty



One-Gallon Gyroscopic Paint Mixer
by Fluid Management



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This remarkable mixer is truly revolutionary in every sense of the word.

The first gyroscopic mixer for standard and non-standard one gallon containers.

Nothing is built like the GyroFlex. Quick and thorough, it delivers full gyroscopic mix motion that stirs up formulas significantly faster than traditional mixers providing the most complete mixing action on the market today.
The GyroFlex is the ideal solution for medium to high-volume paint stores and departments that need to a volume of custom orders in less time.
It delivers a thorough mix, reducing mistints caused by incomplete mixing.
Its impressive power also greatly reduces mixing time for those heavier decorator finishes.
Customers will be happy with the ability to choose today’s hot designer colors and even happier with the fast, consistent results.

What Makes Us Different Is Our Process



Our Machines Are More Than A Quick Paint Job



True Rebuilds Require The Following




  • Mixer is completely dismantled down to the frame.
  • All parts are cleaned of paint splatter and buildup.
  • Everything is repainted with original factory paint.
  • Reassembled starting with the inner and outer frame.
  • NEW Drive Bearings installed.
  • Crank Assembly and Gear Drive Assembly checked and replaced as needed to meet factory specifications.
  • Crank Main Drive Motor Amp Load tested and Bearings checked.
  • Platen Lead Screw checked and lubricated.
  • Gear Box checked and serviced.
  • NEWwiring to Main Crank Motor.
  • Switches and Buttons tested and replaced with NEWas needed.
  • Pc Panel Control Board tested to factory specifications and replaced as needed.
  • NEW Timer, timer wiring and circuits installed as needed.
  • NEWlabels installed.
  • NEWLeveling Feet installed.
  • Mixer is tested using 1 gallon containers for a minimum of at least 25 cycles
  • Mixer is banded to a pallet and shrink wrapped for safe shipping worldwide.




All of our remanufactured Gyroflex paint mixers come with a buyer’s protection

6 month parts warranty on all Mechanical components

and 90 day parts warranty on all electrical components

 with full technical support

Specification: Container Dimensions

Height: 26.4” (67 cm)

Width: 22” (55.8 cm)
Depth: 25.5” (64.7 cm) Diameter:
Shipping Weight: 180 lbs. (81.6 kg)
Voltage: 100-120v, 50/60 Hz. A 20-amp dedicated line is recommended.

Mixer may draw as high as 15 amps depending on can size and product weight.

New Replacement Cost - $3500.00 + Shipping

Buy Now - Only $ 999.00

Remanufacturing Service Available

for your Red Devil
, Fluid Management®, Hero®, or other brands of Paint Equipment
(see Rebuild Services section of our store)
Trade in your paint equipment for one of our completely remanufactured units...
We also purchase used paint equipment
 We are the largest paint equipment remanufacturer in the US

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